team solomid drops cod roster

Surprise, surprise. After the lack of success from the Team Solomid COD roster at the CDL Stage 2 playoffs, Team Solomid has now dropped their COD roster completely.

Earlier in the year Team Rush was acquired by Team Solomid, but it's clear that it didn't take the organization long to realize that this may not be the team they need. Despite the short stay with the roster, Team Solomid made sure to release a statement long enough to explain their decisions for the move.

Team Solomid saw Team Rush as a potential dark horse, especially after coming 8th place in Stage 1 and putting up a good fight against Team Optic, but it seems that their recent poor performance is the key reason for the organization's choice to drop the roster. In the statement, Team Solomid mentioned, "Unfortunately, they were unable to consistently maintain that level of play, and it is a great shame that the team finished near the bottom of the rankings in the World League Stage 2. For this reason, we will be parting ways with our Call of Duty roster consisting of Cole 'ColeChan' Chancey, Jonathan 'Pacman' Tucker, Andrew 'Ivy' Ivers, and Jamal 'Whea7s' Lee."

Not only have TSM dropped their new COD team, but they will be taking time away for the Call of Duty team for the time being. TSM has a number of other teams in other games, including a North American League of Legends team and a North American Counter Strike: Global Offensive team.