overwatch esports cloud 9

Overwatch may just be the next biggest thing in eSports. Recently an eSports event covering an Overwatch game that featured some familiar names made it's way to the front page of Twitch.

Pulling in over 18,000 viewers at peak, the Overkill tournament had a $5,000 prize pool on the line and it saw competitive teams battle it out in the Overwatch beta. Since then, the beta for Overwatch has ended but it was certainly a spectacular way for Blizzard to end the whole event.

During the 18,000 viewer peak, Cloud 9 and Reunited.gg played against each other in a huge, marathon-like best of nine series. In the series, Cloud 9 managed to come out on top with an impressive 5-3 score line. Despite winning two more games than Reunited.gg, the match was still a lot closer than you'd have expected and it really showed the eSports potential, both for competitive play and for the viewing experience.

In fact, one map saw Cloud 9 get 99/100 percent for the capture on LiJiang Tower before Reunited.gg managed to pull back an incredibly close victory. A lot of the maps featured similarly close scenarios and the pros were working well to use their limited knowledge of the current Overwatch beta meta. In some cases, the pros went against the norm to try out new techniques, showing us that there's a lot of room for creativity in the pro scene. For example, Cloud 9 even chose to pick Bastion on one map, a hero that is considered to be worthless in the current high competitive meta, and it almost got them the win!