west ham united fifa 16 esports

In a surprise move, British soccer team West Ham United has picked up an eSports player to add to their player roster. It may be unheard of, but we expect this kind of thing may be happening a lot more in the near future.

The player fittingly has competitive experience in the FIFA franchise and after seeing the player's talent, West Ham United went ahead and brought him under their wing. The player, who is known as Sean 'Dragonn' Allen is now a part of the West Ham family and will even have a West Ham jersey to wear at offline FIFA events. The jersey features the number 50 and his own username. In the recent FIFA 2016 Interactive World Cup, Dragonn came in second place. Despite failing to reach the first place spot, Dragonn was inches away from securing a victory.

After a superbly close 5-5 draw against Mohamad Al-Bacha from Denmark, Dragonn lost on Away goals in the New York finals.

West Ham United aren't the first soccer team to move into the world of eSports. In the past, VFL Wolfsburg has put attention into eSports, as have other teams, including Beşiktaş from Turkey. West Ham United has been keeping an eye on eSports for a while, according to a statement from the football club, but it's taken until now for them to act and snatch up Sean 'Dragonn' Allen.

Do you think more football clubs will start to pick up FIFA eSports players in the future? This could mean a great deal for sponsorships and for building the FIFA pro scene.