Overwatch Support Will Continue Into At Least 2020

Overwatch creators Blizzard held an investor call recently where president J. Allen Brack stated that there would be more content coming to the hit shooter for the foreseeable future.

The call revealed that Overwatch support from Blizzard will continue through at least the 2020 fiscal year, and likely well beyond it. There were multiple hints from Brack that Blizzard sees the franchise as being able to sustain multiple projects, including different genres or media iterations.

In his call to investors, Brack stated: "Overwatch is a huge tentpole franchise for Blizzard and we’re continuing to dedicate the resources and the attention so that we can continue to grow the community and the franchise over time.”

Blizzard is certainly living up to their end of supporting Overwatch. The game is now three years old and the company is regularly adding new levels, characters, gameplay features and more.

Furthermore, they’ve also gone so far as to launch an eSports league for the game, which is dubbed “Overwatch League”. The league has 20 teams from around the world competing in tournaments where the best players in the world go all in for millions of dollars worth of prizes.

At this point, it's safe to say that we can expect to see support for Overwatch carrying over for quite some time. If the Overwatch universe were to spread into new game genres though, what kind of games would you like to see? Let us know in the comment section below.