overwatch xbox one competitive mode

A brand new update for Overwatch has been making ripples through the internet this week. The update, which has already seen a release on PC, has now made it's way to the Xbox One. So far the PlayStation 4 update has not been released but we expect to see it soon.

The biggest addition to the new Overwatch update for the Xbox One is competitive mode. Competitive mode is open to all players over level 25. If you're not level 25 yet, you'll need to reach that level before you can take part in the new game mode.

The new competitive mode will use a player skill rating, a new penalty system to punish quitters and rewards for winning games. Before a player is shown their skill rating they will need to take part in 10 qualifier games. Once the 10 games are finished, a skill rating will be assigned to your account.

The skill rating in Overwatch competitive ranges from 1 to 100. 1 is the absolute lowest rating, whilst 100 is the highest. Players will see their skill rating adjust after the end of each game. Obviously performing well and winning games will help to increase the rating whilst losing games and playing badly will lead to lost skill rating. There will be seasons spread throughout the year - players will get their skill rating reset at the end of a season and rewards will be given out to the top performing players.

A bunch of bug fixes have been added in the latest Overwatch update as well and perhaps more importantly, McCree and Widowmaker have both received balancing changes.