PS Plus Big on PS4

PlayStation Plus is a yearly subscription system that currently offers subscribers access to the Instant Game Collection, early access to demos and exclusive deals and content, faster automatic updates, bigger discounts and various other features for a price of $50.

Right now, PS Plus is available for the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita, but Sony seem eager to get it more strongly engrained into the PlayStation 4 ecosystem upon its release.

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment expressed his thoughts on the PlayStation blog. "We definitely see PlayStation Plus as a core part of the way forward. We're not yet in a position to disclose our plans for the future of PlayStation Plus but there will definitely be a prominent role to play for it in the PlayStation 4 landscape."

No real physical details have been given about the PlayStation 4's PS Plus interactions, but previously Sony stated that they may involve a multi-tiered subscription system offering different benefits at differing prices.

After discussing the PlayStation 4 and PS Plus, Ryan went on to discuss the PlayStation 3 and what support it will receive after the newest addition to the family hits the market.

"Typically, history can help us only so far here. We're actually still selling PS2s in regions such as the Middle East seven years after we introduced PS3. There are a number of reasons why the transition might be a bit more accelerated this time round, but PS3 is a very important part of our portfolio, certainly in 2013, 2014 and probably beyond that," Ryan said.

It sounds like the PlayStation 3 will still receive support for the next 2-3 years whilst the biggest games finally hit the console at the end of its lifespan, but after this point, it's likely developers will migrate straight onto developing for the PS4 thanks to the apparent similar price structure for both consoles, unlike the PS2 and PS3, which had the PlayStation 2 receiving support many years after the PlayStation 3's release.


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