Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality

At CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2013 a virtual reality headset by the name of the Oculus Rift was shown off, and it felt the closest to actually being in the game since man has dabbled in the field of VR. It didn't give any discomfort to the wearer, and despite the sudden change in environment, it didn't leave users feeling disorientated at all.

The Oculus Rift in my opinion is a great invention, but it kind of struck me that whilst the wearer was moving around their head in this alternate environment, their body was stuck motionless, and having a controller in-hand to control movement and other actions just seemed so out-of-place and it's something that destroys the whole virtual reality feel to it.

A new piece of gear by a fairly unknown developer has a fix to this problem. In a video shown by the creator of the project, we can see how the Virtuix Omni translates head and body movement into a game via a Microsoft Kinect sensor. By using Skyrim as a base game, the Virtuix Omni can control the character in-game by a player moving one's head, similarly to the Oculus Rift, but also by walking forward and jumping up and down.

The strange-looking prototype for the Virtuix Omni is not something you'd really like to fit in your living room, and it looks closer to a new oversized baby chair than a top-of-the-line piece of video gaming hardware, but the developer says as he develops the project, the product will become a lot more portable and lightweight as it closes in to the finished state.

The developer is also currently planning a Kickstarter page for the project so he can receive enough funding to further produce the Virtuix Omni.


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