Ben Heckendorn, creator of the Portal Shirt

When it comes to hacking hardware, Ben Heckendorn is considered something along the lines of a god. Mr. Heckendorn has been known to make hacks of hardware such as the Xbox 360 laptop and the Nes-On-A-Chip portable device. Well this time he went a different route and instead of focusing on a console, he focused on apparel and one of this year's best selling games, Portal 2.

Ben created the world's first Portal shirt. Yes, you heard me, a portal shirt,which you can read in this link. The shirt is the first of its kinda where you can look at someone's stomach area and see exactly what's going on behind them. What's even better, it can be yours via our friends at AbleGamers.

As you read in the link above, AbleGamers received the shirt from Ben Heck for them to auction off at PAX Prime this August. But before they auction it off to raise funds for AbleGamers, they are giving the general public a chance to give a high offer for the shirt. So if you wanted to contribute greatly to AbleGamers and their cause, now's a great chance to do so and get a portal shirt!

If you want to know how Ben created the shirt just follow this link to how he constructed it.