What You Can Expect In BF3's Co-Op Mode

Thanks to a preview article on Playstation Universe, we now have a full preview of Battlefield 3's online co-op mode. From this, we know what to expect when you're taking on the opposing forces in EA's latest FPS title.

With the online two-player co-op, you and a friend will be battling through various specially-made maps while completing an assortment of mission objectives all while having a unique set of weapons and gear. Though, at the moment, the only available previewed allowed to be seen and talked about by the gaming public is a mission called "Hit and Run".

Hit and Run has you and your partner fending off an enemy breach with claymores and numerous weapons at your disposal while defending an office building in the middle of the night. Players must progress the level with scripted enemy spawns and sequences. This scenario really calls for cooperation despite the difficulty level (easy, normal and hard).

The level continues on from room to room while avoiding and dealing with deadly forces that are equipped to the usual fare of assault rifles and shotguns. The graphics of the entire progress is great, detailing even the smallest bits of detail.

The mission comes to an end with a neat car chase that would make the moviesHeat and Ronin blush. Players must escape from a parking garage in a car-chase sequence that feels like it came straight out the movies. This is car chase is done at a fast and heart-pumping rate while the radio is blasting loud hip-hop that compliments the scene while avoiding more enemy fire. And while one player drives the car, the other one is making sure the pursuing baddies aren't going to walk away scathe-free.

If that's what we are to expect from EA when it comes to Battlefield 3, then likely you (and a friend) should pick it up. The co-op car chase sequence alone is probably a solid lock-in reason for getting the game.