A scene from "Titanfall," a promising new game for the Xbox and Windows PCs.
Despite the game being already available for purchase, Respawn Entertainment's executive producer, Drew McCoy, has revealed that they have plans to include a few new features for Titanfall free of charge.

One of these features will be the inclusion of private lobbies, which will allow players to play outside of a matchmaking lobby. This will open up a bunch of new opportunities for Titanfall, from competitive matches to machinima. Private lobbies are definitely something that the game needs so I'm excited to see them being integrated into the game.

The second upcoming feature mentioned by McCoy is a companion app for Titanfall. The companion app had already been planned alongside the game's development, but it has since been delayed. Drew McCoy has stated that the companion app is coming soon, although he hasn't detailed what the app will actually be capable of doing.

Finally, McCoy has touched on the subject of adding new game modes. He has revealed that although new game modes are on the drawing board, it's not likely we'll see any new modes for a while. This suggests that they'll either be bundled in with upcoming DLC, or they will be made available in future Titanfall games.

Titanfall adds a whole host of new game mechanics that other FPS games have never seen before, so it's understanding why Respawn have to be extra certain everything is balanced before integrating anything new into the game. This seems to be the case with any new weapons, titans and game modes.