This year there has been a huge Pro Xbox One controller shortage due to a mixture of
manufacturing limitations and a larger interest from the general public.
As a result, many of the biggest aftermarket controller manufacturers are facing global shortage

To make things worse, most companies are unable to provide a date for when they will be able
to deal with back orders for those interested in out of stock Xbox One pro controllers.

What Is Causing The Pro Xbox Controller Shortage?

One of the major reasons why pro Xbox controllers are out of stock right now is because
Microsoft is moving away from the non-Bluetooth variant of their Xbox One controller.
Many custom Xbox controller manufacturers are still using the version without Bluetooth, which
means they need to deal with some adjustments before they can start shipping out the new

This is the main reason why there is such a large global shortage right now.

Why Are Pro Xbox Controllers So Popular?

Pro Xbox controllers are always in high demand because they give players a competitive edge
when playing games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Battlefield.

Pro controllers like the Xbox One Elite have extra buttons, programmable controls and higher
quality joysticks and triggers.

It’s no surprise that the Xbox One Elite controller and many aftermarket pro controllers have
constantly dealt with global shortage issues. Their popularity is through the roof right now.

Right now, Evil Controllers aren’t experiencing the same shortage issues that other
manufacturers are being troubled with.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pro-Xbox One controller, you’ll be happy to hear that our
product line of high-quality custom and pro controllers are still in stock and we are able to take orders
right now.