Although we already know that Mad Studios revealed a few months back that Project CARS has been slated for a slightly unexpected 2014 release, the racing game developer has now revealed more information about the release date, and some of those looking forward to the game may be a little disappointed, as although many have expected the release to be very early 2014, it turns out it will be even later than that.

On Slightly Mad Studio's forum, a moderator has posted to confirm that Project CARS is currently slated for a quarter 2 2014 release, which means at the earliest, the Project CARS game will reach retail in April. The late release date for Project CARS could possibly mean that the game game may make it onto next generation consoles on top of current gen consoles like it was originally planned to be.

If you're not satisfied with the huge delay in Project CARS, you can check out a video by a YouTube user named 'ADRIAN1esp' on Youtube. The video shows the YouTube user's hands and wheel while racing via the user's helmet cam.

The video has been edited by the user to show his hands and steering wheel instead of the ones found in-game, but the Project CARS aspect makes it interesting to watch.