ps plus may lineupThe EU free game lineup for PlayStation Plus subscribers has been revealed, and the available games will be put live from April 30th till the end of May. It seems Sony are constantly trying to offer more and more for their subscribers, and this month things are looking pretty special.

First up for the PlayStation 4 this month is Stick it to The Man, a strange and wacky title that probably wouldn't be something you'd consider buying, but surprisingly has a few hours worth of fun content in.

On the PlayStation 3, Payday 2 will be made available for free this month. In Payday 2, players can team up with their friends to complete bank robberies, jewelry store heists, and much more. The game is fairly new and is definitely worth checking out. After collecting stolen goods, you can transfer the cash to your in-game account and purchase new weapons, gear and unlock special abilities.

Puppeteer has also been made available for free in May - this title follows the story of a young boy who has been transformed into a puppet, loses his head, and goes on a journey to find it again. The game offers a variety of different platformer-style missions.

Finally, the PS Vita has been packed with two interesting titles. The first, and probably most interesting free game this month is Muramasa, a fun side-scrolling action RPG title. The second PS Vita title is a fun and quirky golf game called Everybody's Golf.

The US lineup has not been revealed yet, but it is likely that it will share a similar set of games to that of the EU lineup.