rainbow six closed beta

Over the weekend, thousands of players were invited to try out the closed beta for Rainbow Six: Siege, the upcoming tactical shooter from Ubisoft. The beta started on Thursday after the pre-beta technical test ended and it continued to early on Monday morning.

A lot of players have been very impressed with Rainbow Six: Siege, which seems to wonderfully blend inspiration from a wide range of different titles. There's no doubt that Siege really does feel like it's own game in it's own right, despite having some game modes and game mechanics similar to Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Battlefield and even Arma 3.

For the most part, the beta went by smoothly, although the beginning did have a few issues. A lot of players did complain about the inability to pre-load the beta and in the first few hours, server issues were fairly common. Past the launch of the beta, most players managed to play without any complaints.

Surprisingly Rainbow Six: Siege managed to run smoothly on a variety of different PC builds and the PS4 and Xbox One performance was just as good. Hopefully the beta period will allow Ubisoft to iron out any potential server issues, fix game balance problems, nerf the riot shield and work on including a pre-load option for the full game.

It has been revealed that Rainbow Six: Siege will be fully released on December 1, 2015. It's unlikely that there will be any more beta periods before the release date.