Legendary Battlefield 3 Stunt Re-Created in Real Life

So, you know of the famous Battlefield 3 multiplayer stunt? You know the one where the guy ejects from his fighter jet only to fire an rocket at an enemy aircraft, destroy it, and land right back in the cockpit of his jet? You haven't? Well, you can see it right here.

Why am I mentioning that great piece of BF3 history? Well thanks to an article on Kotaku, apparently someone decided to remake the entire stunt in real life with an exception to the $100 million Dollar Russian and US Air Force fighter jets. They instead used some really nice computer made substitutes that were ripped right from the game. Everything else was made in real life, the movements, the jump, even the anti-aircraft shoulder missile launcher (missile not included that was also computer generated). If you haven't checked it out, head on over to the link above to see how dedicated some people are to recreating something epic in real life.