Reasons Not to Give up Coffee

I fall victim of two things.

1: I stay up late playing Zombies, or Geo Wars, or looking around on the Internet. So the next day I have to stop and get a coffee to help jump start my day.


2: I drink so much coffee during the day I end up staying up late against my will trying to fall asleep.

So you would think the result of these two things would lead me to give up coffee and gain a normal sleeping habit. Sounds great until I read an article entitled, 5 Health Reasons to not Quit Coffee. The article is actually quite interesting and I would suggest it to just about anyone.

Kerri-Ann Jennings, who is also a coffee connoisseur, states these five reasons as to why you should not give up the morning beverage.

1: Protects your heart

2: It diverts diabetes

3: Your liver loves it

4: It boosts your brainpower

5: It helps your headaches

You can read more into depth as to why these five things are reasons to not quit coffee in the article from Shine.