capcom-pro-tour-magoThe start of last weekend saw the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Regional Finals come to an end, and we now know who came out on top and who will be making it to the Capcom Cup Finals.

The winner of the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Regional Finals is Mago, a formidable Karin player that has put a lot of effort into his playstyle in recent months to get himself a placement.

Mago didn't have an easy race to the finish, though. Earlier in the event, Mago took a heartbreaking defeat and found himself sitting in the loser's bracket. Fortunately, Mago had the courage, and maybe a little bit of luck, to fight his way through the loser's bracket and into the grand finals.

During the event, Mago managed to get a victory in against Bonchan, Kazunoko, and Haitani before he came up against MOV, who, at this point, hadn't lost a single game during the event.

The grand finals were one of the closest, most exhilarating matches I've watched in a long time. With Mago coming from the loser's bracket, he needed to win two best of three matches in a row, whilst MOV only needed one due to his spot in the winner's bracket.

A Chun Li matchup for Mago's Karin wasn't exactly putting odds in Mago's favor. Fortunately for Mago though, his Karin playstyle managed to help him pull through two very tight 3-2 victories against MOV to get the grand final win.

Because of Mago's previous performances, he already has an invitation to the Capcom Cup Finals. Instead, Tse4444 was lucky enough to bag an entry into the Cup Finals from his previous performances, including his top 13th-16th finish at the Asia Regional Finals.