ghost-recon-wildlandsUbisoft has recently shared more details about the upcoming Ghost Recon Wildlands, including information about 2017 beta access.

One of the first new pieces of information that Ubisoft has shared about Ghost Recon Wildlands, is that players will have access to their own individual drone in single player mode. The drone can be customized and used in different ways depending on what changes a player has made to it.

"You can customize your drone depending on your playstyle and how you prefer to use it. You can upgrade the recon abilities by improving its autonomy, add different electronic views (night vision, thermal view, etc.), or change optics for better zoom abilities. You can also use the drone for diversion by putting devices which will generate sounds to lure enemies."

"You can also upgrade the engine to be more silent when needed, or implement an EMP bomb to switch off enemy electronic devices. And if you want to use the drone in assault mode, you can equip the drone with high explosives to blow things up, increase its resistance to bullets, etc. We wanted to provide a variety of combinations depending on how you like to use the drone. It's always about freedom of choice and how you want to progress and use your gear."

Ghost Recon Wildlands is set for release in March 2017 and Ubisoft has recently mentioned that there will be a number of betas for the game that'll hit in early 2017 before the launch date.

Hopefully the first beta will hit in January 2017, but for now, we'll need to wait until we hear more from Ubisoft before we can confirm the beta dates and participation details.