Revamped Halo Infinite Shown at E3

After last year’s disaster that was the reveal of Halo Infinite, 343 Industries, and Microsoft gave the game a new reveal at E3 2021, showing off a game that certainly looked better than the version shown a year ago.

Players were treated to an in-depth trailer during the Xbox + Bethesda Showcase, which showed off the campaign as well as multiplayer mode. The game looks much better than last year’s showcase, which was widely panned as looking like something that could have come from the Xbox 360 era. Visuals are much better, with 4K and a stable performance presence on the screen.

In addition to the standard campaign mode that continues the story of Master Chief, we also got a full in-depth look at the game’s multiplayer, which is where most players will be spending their time with this game. The online mode will feature a Battle Pass that you purchase and will not expire. The price for the Battle Pass isn’t known, but we do know that there won’t be the standard seasons that we see with other games like Fortnite.

Other features include Halo Academy, which will help new players get into the game. There will be various tutorials and bots to hone your skills on. A variety of different weapons and a new AI assistant named LUMU that’ll help keep you competitive.

Microsoft teased Halo Infinite coming out this holiday season, but the lack of a precise date is concerning. Given the beleaguered development of this game, it’s not entirely unreasonable to think a delay could push this game out into early 2022. The game will be made available on Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One, PC, and will also take advantage of Xbox Cloud Gaming to allow streaming of the game to supported devices.