Rick Fox eSports TV Series

Rick Fox has been a well known personality in the sports world for a long time but recently he has been venturing into the eSports world too. Rick Fox is the owner of the Echo Fox eSports organisation, which in recent news has acquired Ryan "Freakazoid" Abadir for their professional Counter Strike: Global Offensive team.

Soon Rick Fox will be creating an unscripted documentary on eSports. Echo Fox "Will be teaming with Propagate and INE Entertainment to develop and produce a non-scripted series about the growing eSports phenomenon. Three-time NBA champion Los Angeles Laker Rick Fox and veteran TV producer Mark Koops will executive produce."

Rick Fox's love for eSports sprouted out of a bonding activity with his son. Rick mentioned that his interest in eSports started "several years ago as a bonding activity with my son, I would have never dreamed that it would have taken off the way it has. The level of engagement between fans and athletes in the eSports community is far more than I experienced in the NBA and I'm passionate to tell the story of our eSports community and introduce audiences to the sport.

Propagate also made a statement about the upcoming eSports documentary. "We are so excited to be partnering with Echo Fox to shine a light on eSports' massive potential as a sport and community. Rick's accomplishments as a professional athlete, businessman and gamer make him the perfect partner for our foray into the exciting world of competitive gaming."