A Rumored Italian Box Art Cover for the Next Call of Duty Appears on Internet

Evidence from Kotaku claims that the next Call of Duty will definitely be something along the lines of Black OPs 2. First it was an Amazon listing and then some teaser poster art, and then a Gamestop teaser website. Now, it's rumored box art.

Yes, an European photo depicting the game's box art has circulated the web and it resembles the silhouetted art on the Gamestop teaser site; however, it is of a higher resolution.

The box shows the Italian version of the game, where the sticker on the front says, "Prenota Subito" ("Reserve Now" in Italian). Nearby, there is also some other text in the original image that says "One Per Customer.", also in Italian.

Though there are speculations and concerns about this rumored image. One, there's a convenient lens flare, which is a technique that fakers do to pass off phony games, and the box looks more like a PS2 case and not a XBox 360 or a PS3 one. But still, the font matches with the rumored poster and image teased on Gamestop and those images were just recently released to the public. It's up in the air if this is real or not but it is drawing more attention towards Activision and their next COD installment.