sleeping dogs hd remakePreviously there has been talk about a possible Sleeping Dogs sequel, but despite details about the franchises next steps, Square Enix haven't really put much more out there about any new games in the Sleeping Dogs universe.

What we do know though is that Square Enix certainly doesn't plan to drop the IP after just one title, and we'll probably see a lot more Sleeping Dogs content over the next few years. The next release for the Sleeping Dogs franchise may be sooner than we think, and whilst it may not be a new game, it will be a fresh approach to the original that should open up the game to new players.

A new product listing on ShopTo, an online games retailer recently suggested that Sleeping Dogs will be getting an HD facelift for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Sleeping Dogs HD listing was up for a couple of days before ShopTo abruptly removed it without any notification from either ShopTo or Square Enix.

There's no doubt that this was a slip up on ShopTo's part, but does this listing mean we'll be seeing a Sleeping Dogs HD remake soon? It would be strange for ShopTo to put a listing up for something that doesn't actually exist, so perhaps we will see Sleeping Dogs HD in the near future.

Hopefully we'll hear something official from Square Enix about Sleeping Dogs fairly soon, if not about the HD remake, then about a brand new game in the franchise instead.