Whilst Smash Summit 3 didn't have as many exciting matchups as we had hoped for, the grand final for the event ended up being quite an enjoyable watch. For me personally, I was happy to see either player win but with Hungrybox recently going fulltime, I was secretly hoping for a Hungrybox win.

To begin with, things were going in Hungrybox's favor. Despite Armada's attempts to play incredibly safe at the beginning of the series, Hungrybox managed to pull out a first game win. Armada, who opted to play Fox against Hungrybox's Jigglypuff in the grand final, managed to take the second game quite convincingly.

The third game saw Armada and Hungrybox fight it out against each other on Dreamland 64. Hungrybox managed to do his best to take this win, giving him a game score of 2 and Armada a game score of 1.

At this point, Armada's safe, passive playstyle helped him to take another victory against Hungrybox on Pokemon Stadium. The final map saw Hungrybox and Armada fight it out on Fountain of Dreams.

Armada once again opted for Fox on the final map and managed to take the match quite convincingly. A lot of players were a little disappointed in the lack of action in the final, but there's no doubt that Armada's playstyle has been well calculated - after all, he's there to win events and he's been winning them all the way throughout 2016 in tremendous fashion.