The Infinite Warfare competitive scene is already heating up - we're getting plenty of organising new teams and players and new rosters are getting started up on the daily. In this article we'll provide an overview of some of the current Infinite Warfare rosters that have recently been announced.

First off, let's start with Rise Nation - this organization has recently poached a few players from Elevate. They now have a lineup that includes Loony, Aqua, Faccento and Felony. The latter three of which originally came from the Elevate org.

NAMELESS has also opted to create a new roster - he has teamed up with Havok, StuDyy and Nagafen - they are currently looking for organization opportunities and we imagine that'll be an offer that gets picked up pretty quickly.

Another team that has recently been formed for the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare team includes ProoF, Nelson, SinfuL and TwiZz.

We have one more team to announce and like the previous two, this team does not yet have an organization to back them. The team in question includes Qwiker, who has recently left HyperGames. Carbines, Colgate and Zerg.

The new infinite Warfare competitive scene is going to be an interesting one. We can't wait for the roster swaps to settle down a little bit and see how well each of the newly formed teams perform against some of the longer standing rosters.

Are you excited to see new Infinite Warfare rosters form? Let us know your opinions - we'd love to hear them!