Sneak Peak to Game Play of the Resident Evil 4

Although the ambitious remake of Resident Evil 4 from Capcom is just a few weeks away, there are still plenty of unanswered issues. The lake region, the castle, and the famous Krauser knife fight were all visible to me for approximately 20 minutes of gameplay, which was a blessing. I discovered the following 11 new things about the game.

Expanded Exploration

Compared to the standards of the original RE4, the reboot is adopting a wider tack, offering the player greater room to walk and explore regions off the usual path. It also allows you to travel by watercraft, which makes it more significant. The original game limited the speedboat to the battle with the Del Lago monster. But this time, you have complete control over the motorboat, allowing you to go around the murky caverns and discover new places. These locations seem closed off, but you can make your way inside by resolving mini-puzzles akin to the emblem puzzle that was only ever seen outside the town Church. Even if the original game's tempo were linear, it would greatly impact the gameplay. But the story is pretty complex. Hirabayashi-san and Ampo-san stated that while maintaining the original's tempo was crucial, they aimed to allow the enthusiasts to look around if they wanted. It means that you can explore even more locations. Ampo-san also mentioned that RE2R stressed a technique similar to Metroidvania and planned on carrying it to RE4R.


Storage, a feature present in many earlier franchise entries but absent from the original RE4, is new to the remake. It allows players to keep their inventories whenever Leon enters a typewriter. It is significant since the original required you to sell or give up those items by running out of the room, which occasionally meant giving up your weapons. As players can gather many more goods to manufacture herbs and ammunition, you can store your items in different parts. It is sure to result in a congested and full inventory rapidly.

New Weapons

A Bolt Thrower has been added to the arsenal. It only appeared once in the demo, but the time you witness it in action will leave a lasting impression. Given the new crafting mechanisms, a range of ammo types to build for the Bolt Thrower might be similar to the CODE Veronica Bow Gun.

The Garrador Fight

Few memorable opponents encounter from the first Resident Evil 4 are as deeply ingrained in my memory as your initial confrontation with the ruthless and blind Garrador. The enormous beast, who could only locate you by sound, required you to do a claustrophobic dance of tiptoeing. The arena in which you battle the Garrador is even smaller in the remake, and shackles have been added that hang from the ceiling, requiring Leon to move around them to avoid making noise and disclosing his location.


There are plenty of movie allusions in Resident Evil 4, the one component of the series that has endured. It will be entertaining for movie buffs to spot the direct references; some aren't just for horror lovers. Resident Evil 4 can be played in a variety of ways. Every platform that it has been ported to has a new experience. In the Japanese versions, there is an easy setting that drastically alters enemy placement and omits certain scenes. The versions for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 include sharp visuals and 60 frames per second. If you have the funds, Oculus Quest offers a Virtual experience, but that comes with a price.