All About the Warzone 2 Season 2 Updates

Earlier the War Zone 2 Season 2 developers behind the game assured the fans of a major change in various elements of the game. They evaluated the feedback from season 1 to enhance the gameplay. Although there is a delay in the release of Season 2, we have some exciting updates for what surprise the team has to offer. They published an article about what we can expect from the upcoming season. In this post, we will learn what’s new in this update and when you can expect the final release.

What are the Updates for Warzone 2 Season 2?

Let's explore what the fans can expect from the Warzone 2 season 2 update:

1.      Gulag & Looting System

In certain ways, Warzone 2 modified the traditional Gulag from 1v1 to 2v2 to promote the brand-new proximity chat element. Participants in the Gulag could work with the other side to take out the Jailer and resurrect all four players or strategize with their random teammates using proximity chat. Community members criticized teaming with arbitrary players and sought the return of Gulag from Warzone 1.

2.      Weapons

The update will include two new equipment, which will double the fun for the players. The team will include Vepr-12 Shotgun and Crossbow. We have played with the crossbow many time, but the Vepr-12 is the new addition to the game.

3.      Load-Outs

The team behind Warzone 2 pay great attention to load-outs because they have always been an important component of Warzone's Battle Royale. The adjustments that Players have seen since the release of Warzone 2.0 have ultimately been aimed at creating the most rewarding experience for the individual and the team while maintaining a high level of difficulty. As a result, they are altering the process by which Players obtain some components of their load-outs or their whole load-outs. Perk Packages with customizable features will debut in Season 2! This feature will debut with a significantly smaller selection of possible Perks, which they might gradually add later. They want to use this feature as wisely as possible, ensuring that all of the Perks are useful and still viable/balanced options.

4.      Audio (MP)

As mentioned in earlier versions, one of our audio occlusion systems in Multiplayer occasionally remained off after launch. Although it was not the newest and most sophisticated method then, occlusion was still present in multiplayer. After re-implementing and time testing, the occlusion system will be back online with the start of Season 02.

5.      Locations

Players will now have a third choice while deploying in the DMZ, thanks to the new Exclusion Zone available in Season 2. You can get new tasks via the Faction Mission Refresh that take you to certain locations, like Building 21. Prepare for infiltration initially, along with your squad.

6.      Perk Balancing

The team received many comments regarding the timing of the additional perks, especially the Ghost Perk. They considered moving this benefit around but concluded it would seriously unbalance the system. Therefore, they modified the bonus and ultimate perk earning rates for Season 2. With this change, players will be able to acquire Ghost earlier in games, which will better enable players who want to participate in more aggressive behavior.


The next release date announced by the developers is February 15, 2023. Previously, the release date was February 1. We hope that it would be worth the wait because you will have a new experience playing the game.