The PlayStation 4 has been in such a demand that many stores have had to stop any new pre-orders as they have already reached their allowed limits for pre-orders on the console. It has since been a terribly difficult challenge to get your hands on a PlayStation 4 pre-order, but it seems that is all about to change.

According to a few sources, GameStop stores have now been given permission by Sony to take in an unlimited number of pre-orders. This will mean all customers that have not yet been able to take pre-orders will now be able to without any hassle.

A question arises from this change in Sony's pre-order scheme though, and that is of course- What happens when the pre-orders outweigh the amount of consoles available at launch?

This is something we see a lot these days, and as demand for certain hardware increases, so does the strain on production, and production speeds simply can't keep up with the huge demands consumers are asking for.

We don't know whether those that pre-order now might have to wait a little longer than the actual release date, but let's hope not.