From the moment, PlayStation 4 was revealed it was obvious that Sony had learned from all their past mistakes made with the PlayStation 3. Although obvious, this observation was supported by what SCE CEO Andrew House had to say.

138In a recent interview with MCV UK, House admitted the rough ride Sony went through during the early release of the PS3. But they didn't just try to deal with the problems, the learned from them. The valuable feedback that they received from the community is what they used:

"Anyone can point out how those learnings have translated into the decisions we've made around PS4 -- selection of architecture, emphasis on ease of development, understanding PS4 had to be a highly connected and social experience. These were products of some tough learning we did on PS3."

The results were obvious. In many ways the PS4 is the polar opposite to the PS3. It launched at $400 ($200 less than the PS3), made with off-the-shelf PC components which makes it easy for developers to code for, and Sony worked hard to make the console available worldwide. And it has paid off, currently selling more than 2 million units since launch. What more will Sony do? I can’t wait to see it go above and beyond anything the PS3 was ever capable of.