Sony may show PS4 to Publishers

There's no doubt about it; the next generation is coming. When and where though is a subject that little know about. Sony however have planned a two-day event following the annual 'Destination PlayStation,' a conference held by PlayStation's US arm for third party publishers and a few retailers that could potentially sell upcoming products. The annual event has been known in the past to reveal big new products behind Sony's PlayStation range behind closed doors.

This event happens to be just a few weeks before E3, an event where Sony may or may not reveal details on their latest console.

Although this year's Destination PlayStation may focus on other products such as the Vita, it's unlikely that discussion about the PlayStation 4 won't break out among those representing themselves at the conference.

Obviously, there is no way of knowing what goes on at the event, as it is usually very confidential, so details about PlayStation 4 won't be released publicly after this event.

Xbox seems to be pointing towards a 2013 release for its next console, so it'll be interesting to see whether PlayStation follow suite or straggle behind like this generations release.

What console are you most interested in? The new Xbox or the PlayStation 4? Either way, there are still some great titles coming out for both companies current consoles, so check out our customized controllers in our Controller Creator.