Sonys PS4 is the Second-Best Selling Console Ever

Although it’s drawing to the end of its lifespan, Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is continuing to chug along, becoming the second-best-selling console of all-time.


Sony announced at CES 2020 that the PS4 has sold more than 106 million units, beating out the likes of the original PlayStation and the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Entertainment System, and Xbox 360. This is impressive when you consider the home console space, although we should note that if handheld sales are taken into account, the PS4 would be the fourth-best selling console of all-time.


In terms of the home console space, the PS4 sits behind only the PlayStation 2, which moved more than 155 million units. The 106 million figure will continue to grow as well, as sales of the PS4 will likely continue for the next few years. The console will also see major new releases this year, with the launch of The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


The PlayStation 5 will be released this year, and the effect this will have on PS4 sales is already taking place. The console’s life cycle is beginning to hit the decline phase, as sales slow down, even with lower prices. We’re expecting to learn more about the PS5’s specs, price, and release date in the coming months, and we’ll be sure to let readers know when we learn more.