Namco Bandai have taken to this year's San Diego Comic-con to announce the release of their new HD remake for Soulcaliber II.

A trailer has been shown to highlight the differences between the original game that was released for Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Gamecube, and the new HD remake that will be making it's way to Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year.

The new Soulcaliber II HD Online will have a brand new online multiplayer system allowing players to battle with others online, and will have a newly remastered graphical update to better suit today's hardware.

The trailer has shown footage of Hehachi from Tekken, a guest character in the original game, however footage of Link from Zelda and Todd Mcfarlane's Spawn was not in the footage, giving many the assumption that these two characters won't be making an appearance in Soulcaliber II HD Online.

A lot of angry Wii U owners have vented their frustration online, stating that there should be a Wii U version that includes Link as a playable character.

It's unlikely Namco Bandai will bring out a Wii U version, however the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions will be launched this Fall, 2013.