selfless signs lucky

If you're a fan of the Super Smash Melee Bros scene then you'll be interested to hear that Joey "Lucky" Aldama has been picked up by the growing North American organization Selfless.

Selfless has only been around since February 2016 and it started with a group of ex-Enemy players that sought to create their own org. The Selfless org has since signed a competitive Counter Strike: Global Offensive team that has been making great strides in the scene.

Lucky may be best known as Cloud 9 Mango's double partner back in '07. However, Lucky has been playing Smash Bros ever since and he's been making a bit of a name for himself as a solo player too. Lucky's most recent good performance was his fifth place spot at Dreamhack Austin.

Despite Mango's signing with Cloud 9 in 2014, Lucky has been without an organization ever since. Lucky certainly seems quite happy to see his new partnership with Selfless flourish and he'll now be wearing their logo at any Smash events.

"I'm extremely excited to have the opportunity to play for a brand like Selfless," Lucky said in a statement. "Since our first talk, I've enjoyed the way the org operates and handles itself and can't wait to proudly represent them in future Smash competitions."

There's no doubt that Lucky is among the top twenty Smash players in the world.