Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Exploring the Open World and Customization Options

Originally launching in March, all fans waiting to embark on another journey with Cal Kestis were disappointed when they heard that they would have to wait a bit more, with the company announcing that the game's release had been delayed to April. The company felt the game could go through a bit more polishing and gameplay improvements, but they did not leave the fans empty-handed. The developers recently showed the fans a gameplay preview of the game, showcasing many features, including a glimpse of the open world and some of the customization features they have introduced with this title.

The Open World

Even though the previous installment had vast areas for you to explore, the world design was designed to be more open-ended than an open world. This meant that, even though you could explore the level you were on, the world was still limited to the zone which you were in and didn't provide that feeling of exploration in an open world. However, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor changed the equation and decided to introduce the players to an incredibly vast and well-done open world filled with vistas, caves, and valleys to explore. The preview first gave players the feeling that, like the previous game, this one would also feature a similar formula. The initial sequence follows the protagonist along a very linear journey through caves and mountain trails before it opens up as the preview showcases a sneak peek of the wide-open world for you to explore within. Once you go through the first linear sequence of the game and reach the southern reach, the game opens up significantly, providing you with a view of an incredibly vast open world to explore. Not only that, but it seems like the developers have given great exploration emphasis, making it a rewarding experience as you come across many points of interest as you deviate from the main path and venture to different areas of the world. The open world is ridden with interesting locations, such as hidden caves, filled with loot to be had and bosses to be defeated. Furthermore, enemy camps are spread worldwide, making players feel part of an immersive, living, breathing world.

More Customization

Even though the Fallen Order had its fair share of different customization options and features, players soon discovered they were not nearly as fleshed out as the degree of customization in the sequel. The developers have teased many different customization options in the recent installments, with the addition of jackets, capes, and many other apparel choices, alongside the option to change Cal's hair and beard. It might not seem like much, but we are speaking from everyone who played the  Fallen Order that it would be a pleasant change to be able to select anything other than a different-styled poncho.


Overall, it seems that the approach to the open world that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor seems to have taken is a welcoming one, not to mention the numerous customization features they showed us a glimpse of in the preview.