Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Master the Force and Outlast Your Enemies

Only game lovers know the feeling when waiting for their favorite game to launch. Star Wars Jedi is one such game. We see that in the news again, as Cal Ketsis is roaming around the galaxy.

This time, he would be roaming quite far away on a planet. He would practice with a new lightsaber and many more lizards to stomp on.

Release Date

Star Wars Jedi: Survivors is released on April 28, 2023. It was first planned to be released in March, but in January, EA declared that its release would be delayed. He also said he wants to give the team time to meet the Respawn quality bar. He wanted to satisfy the fans with the quality they deserved, which is why the six-week delay occurred.


In the 9-minute footage from the IGN, we witnessed Cal Kestis on Koboh after a crash-landed. Koboh is the planet seen in the sequel too. When Cal tries to figure out the ship’s different parts, we also see a glimpse of Jedi.

We see Cal with many new features, combating styles, and slaying his every style and look. He has been modified into a Swiss army knife or lightsaber. In one fight, he turns the room into a blender for droids.


In the first trailer of The Jedi: Survivor, we see Cal and BD be the most prominent characters. We get to see a Pau’an character which is most likely the chief Jedi-hunter, The Grand Inquisitor. There is a voiceover where the grand inquisitor is saying something to Cal Kestis then we also get a glimpse of his ship crashing on some desert planet.


EA mentioned that the sequel happened 5 years after the first Star Wars Jedi. If someone wants to know what happened to the Mantis crew of Cal and Cal himself, then there is a whole. This book will erase the gap between the first and second games.

They also answer why Cal seems to be on his oneself. The best part about the sequel is that we would see many new and reappearing faces as Cal fights well with the enemies.

Jedi Cere Junda will also be in the game. Cal’s new friend is Bode Akuna, who is an AI companion to help Cal in all his combats. The game director Stig Asmussen claims they would look like brothers.

System Requirements

Star Wars Jedi: Survivors asks for 155 GB of storage. The system’s minimum requirement to play this game is Windows 10 64-bit, and the CPU should be an Intel Core i5 11600K / Ryzen 5 5600X. The RAM should be at least 15 GB.


Star Wars: Jedi Survivors is a great game to play, as it’s full of surprises. With multiple new combating styles the game has to offer, gamers will experience a completely revamped version of the sequel. Do give this game a shot if you’re looking for n interesting game to play.