state of decay new genIf you haven't had the chance to play State of Decay yet, you might want to wait just a little bit longer before playing the solo zombie survival game. It has just been announced that State of Decay will be getting a new gen remaster for the Xbox One, and Undead Labs plan to release it fairly shortly.

The new remastered version by Undead Labs will be called State of Decay Year One Survival Edition and it will bring remastered graphics, 1080P resolution, as well as a few new gameplay features. The remastered version will also be bundled with both the Lifeline and Breakdown DLC packs that were released earlier in it's release cycle.

A rework has been applied to some of the animations in the new remaster of State of Decay, and improvements have also been made to the environment textures, but that's just the start of the changes. Jeff Strain, founder of Undead Labs has mentioned a few more things about the new version.

"We're taking some of the base management features from the Lifeline DLC and integrating that into the core game, and also taking some of the heroes and characters that were introduced and allowing them to be playable characters from Lifeline and Breakdown as well."

This will mean some of the newer characters such as Alicia Hawkes, Sergeant Kilo and Private Vince will be playable in the main portion of the game, instead of just in the Lifeline DLC.

The new version of State of Decay will be released some time in Spring this year - it will release digitally for both the Xbox One and the PC.