You would have thought that after titles like The Walking Dead, Black Ops 2, Day Z, Resident Evil, and many, many, many more, we'd end up getting a bit bored of the whole zombie genre. And whilst we have received so many titles to blunt the sharp exciting concept of a zombie apocalypse into nothing more than a dull, flat surface, we're still getting thrown more zombie games.

Even more surprisingly though, the newest addition the zombie genre, State of Decay, is an incredibly enjoyable game that gets you scavenging for supplies and building a place of safety for those you find on the road as you discover more about the sudden zombie apocalypse.

The story is filled with plots we've all seen before a hundred times, and the characters don't really shine out enough to make their appearance meaningful, but the gameplay itself is enjoyable.

If Grand Theft Auto was ever run over by Zombies, I think the end result would be this- It's an enjoyable game, and unlike most titles, can be picked up for pretty cheap 1600 Microsoft Points.

It is currently exclusive to Microsoft, but a PC version is in the works too.