Steve Aoki, the famous DJ, has announced that he now owns an eSports team. It's becoming more popular for adults with a large amount of wealth behind them to put funding into an eSports team. We've seen it with NBA star Shaq, Rick Fox and NFL players too.

Now, we're seeing the first DJ get in on the eSports action. Steve Aoki has put funding into the eSports organization called Rogue. The Rogue organization currently has a team in Overwatch that has seen recent success and a fairly new CS:GO lineup.

Steve Aoki has mentioned that he has a huge life-long passion for gaming, so this new part ownership of Rogue eSports makes sense.

"During his performance at TwitchCon Party 2016 on Saturday, STEVE AOKI announced his ownership in the Las Vegas eSports organization, ROGUE. Having been a life-long gamer, STEVE AOKI became determined to build an eSports team after his experience at PAX East in April of this year, where he was invited to participate in a Street Fighter V exhibition match."

The current CEO of Rogue has made the following statement, "Our organization was expanding to the point where we wanted to bring on another partner. We couldn't be happier that we met Steve when we did. His genuine passion for the eSports scene was exactly what we were looking for."

With more support, the Rogue team may now have the time to improve together and we may soon see the results pay off in Overwatch, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and any other games that the Rogue organization may decide to pick up a team for.