Dreamhack Winter 2016 is going to be a big one for any Overwatch fans out there.

A brand new tournament with a $50,000 prize pool has been locked in for the Dreamhack Winter event, and it’ll see 8 teams from around the world battle it out on a live stage. First place prize is $30,000, whilst second gets $10,000 and 3rd and 4th both get $5,000 each.

There will be three qualifiers for the event to determine which teams are allowed to take part in the tournament. A North American qualifier will go live from October 11-12th, whilst a Europe qualifier will take part from October 9th-10th.

2 Players from Europe will advance to the tournament, alongside 2 North American players. The final four tournament slots will be filled with winners of the bring your own computer tournament that'll happen on November 24th at the Dreamhack Winter 2016 event. If players win the BYOC event, they'll be seeded into the Overwatch tournament the next day.

Details including online qualifier sign-ups and BYOC ticket prices can be found over on the Dreamhack Winter 2016 website. With no invited lineups, this event is a perfect opportunity for any unknown teams with the right skill to get their names heard.

All qualifiers will be played double-elimination Best of three, and the qualifying finals will be played as a Best of five.

Do you have an Overwatch team that may be up for the challenge? This could be the best chance Overwatch teams have had yet.