Namco and Capcom Teases Pac-Man as a Playable Character in for the Vita's Street Fighter x Tekken

Just recently, thanks to the news from Joystiq, Capcom released a new trailer for their upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken game. The trailer basically goes over the confirmed characters as well as showing a few new ones like Tekken's Paul Phoenix Xiaoyu and as well as Street Fighter's Vega and Balrog (or Balrog and Mike Bison if you follow the Japanese version of Street Fighter). However, that's not the big news right now.

At the end of the video, Capcom talked about their development for the Vita, showing off some ways to play and how well it would look. But then at the very end we were treated with a silhouette of two characters. One looked like Megaman (but it could be something else) and the other was basically the shape of a very familiar yellow ball that everyone knows and loves. It seems like Namco is giving some fighting gloves to the most iconic video game character ever.