elevate ex-noble halo team

So before we get started on the news, it should be noted that recently Team eLevate dropped their Halo team, which previously consisted of Goofy, Nemasisst, Str8 Sick and MuNoZ. After dropping their roster, eLevate still seemed interested in the Halo scene and now it looks as if they have picked up the ex-Noble eSports squad.

The Noble eSports team previously included Rayne, Swift Kill, Penguin and Calm and now this squad of four will be under eLevate's name and logo. Whilst Nobile eSports failed to make it into the regional qualifiers, this roster change means that they will now be able to play in the Halo World Championship. Unfortunately Goofy, Nemasisst, Str8 Sick and MuNoZ will not be able to take part in the HWC despite managing to make their way through the qualifiers before being stripped from the eLevate organization.

We think that this turn of results has been a little weird and as a result, eLevate's offering in the HWC might not be quite as impressive as it would have been before. Do you think the ex-eLevate team should have had the chance to play in the Halo World Championship as part of an orgless team, or is it fair that eLevate has the chance to drop their team and pick up a new set of players for the upcoming tournament?

With a huge $2.5 million prize pool, there's a lot on the line so a move like this by eLevate may be frowned at by some. It's important to note that we don't know the whole story, however, so we shouldn't badmouth eLevate and we certainly shouldn't be putting pitchforks to the ex-Noble guys that simply came across a good contract deal at an odd time.