tekken 7 lucky chloeThanks to the quick connectivity of the internet, games developers can communicate with their fans in new ways that can help game development become more in-line with what the players want.

Usually, new features are added to games based on player input, but recently, a little too much criticism left Tekken 7 game director Katsuhiro Harada with no choice other than to press the red button on one of the games new characters, at least that's what he's told us.

After announcing Lucky Chloe, a bouncy bubble, female character dressed up with plenty of kitten themed accessories, NeoGAF members argued that the character was very shallow and was completely unnecessary for Tekken 7.

After hearing these complaints, Harada reacted by revealing that Lucky Chloe will no longer be available in the United States. He further went on to explain that the new character would only be available in East Asia and Europe, and detailed that American players would prefer Lucky Chloe to be replaced with a "well-muscled, skin-head, very powerful attack" character. Harada didn't confirm that such a character would be created, but it's certain that she will not be making an appearance in Tekken 7 for North America, at least for the time being.

Personally, I think it's a bit odd that the developers feel the need to remove such a character from the game, but perhaps with all the GamerGate drama going on recently, doing so would remove any future controversy for the new and upcoming fighting game.