tekken 7 fightingIn a new announcement, Bandai Namco have revealed that Tekken 7 will have a brand new game mechanic that could help some players who struggle adapting to different sides of the screen.

Within Tekken 7, players will now be able to head into the settings menu and choose which side they would like their character to be displayed on. Once chosen, players will be able to jump into a game, and the camera will either remain stable, or will flip, depending on what side the player chose within the settings menu.

In previous Tekken games, players were forced to play on whichever side of the screen was assigned to them, so this new feature in Tekken 7 should come as a pleasant surprise.

To explain it better - imagine player 1 gets paired up against a player online. Player 1 takes the left side of the screen, whilst player 2 takes the right side. Player 1 may have put the right side as their preference, and as a result, the camera will be flipped to make it appear as if their character is on the side of the screen they like to use the most.

Flipping the camera will mean that directional moves and combos will also be affected. Personally, I think this is a nice option for new players, but veteran Tekken players will most likely prefer to avoid using this feature.

Some may even argue that it’s an important part of the game to be able to adapt to whichever screen side you start on. What are your thoughts on this new Tekken 7 feature?