Walking Dead Season 2

Telltale Game's The Walking Dead has been one of the most successful video games in the past year, and despite lacking much actual gameplay content, it's still considered a very successful and well-made game.

Season 2 of Telltale Game's The Walking Dead was confirmed some time last year, however the release for the first episode is now drawing closer.

Although an official date hasn't been confirmed, the first episode of season 2 has said to be made available this December, and Telltale Games have been trying their hardest to resist the temptation to release any spoilers.

However, it looks like someone working at Telltale Games couldn't resist and has revealed a screenshot that shows a character from the first season making a return to season 2.

This character is Omid - a man who managed to make it out of the first season alive and hardly remembered. He didn't play much of a part in the first season, but this new screenshot seems to suggest that Omid will play a bigger part in the story of season 2.

Season 2 will be named "All that Remains" and will be available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 - players who have played the first season will be able to continue with their same story progress in season 2, as long as they have they still have the saved game file for the first season on their profile.

No details have been given on a release for any other platforms.