terminator in wwe 2k16

WWE 2K16 is going to get what might just be the toughest guest character the franchise has ever seen. As you can imagine, a lot of players are getting super hyped up about the new guest character.

As the title suggests, the latest WWE title will see the Terminator as a guest character but unfortunately it will be limited to those that pre-order the game.

The news was revealed as part of a brand new release trailer for WWE 2K16. In the release trailer, a live action segment of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator is shown. The live action seen is a recreation of the bar scene from Terminator 2 and this time round the characters have been replaced with WWE wrestlers. On top of Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, the trailer features Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Paige and Eva Marie, as well as Finn Balor, who will be making his debut in WWE 2K16.

The trailer doesn't show Arnie in game so we don’t know how much of a resemblance his in-game character will have of him or exactly what appearance the Terminator will be given.

In other news, the WWE 2K16 lineup will not feature Hulk Hogan after the wrestler basically destroyed his career over racist comments made towards his daughter. It looks as if Hogan will absolutely have no affiliation with WWE in the future, both in-game and out.

The Wikipedia page for WWE 2K16 has the game listed for an October 27 release in North America and an October 30 release for Europe. The same page also suggests that WWE 2K16 will have over 120 unique playable characters, nearly double the 67 that were in last year's game.