the division beta

It has been two years since The Division was announced by Ubisoft. At that time, the game was revealed at E3 and it most certainly got the attention of many gamers across the world. As months have gone by, years have passed, Tom Clancy's The Division has remained in development, and it's only till recently that we've started to hear more about it.

At E3 this year, The Division was finally given a release date of March 2016, and soon after it was revealed that a beta would be coming for the game in December this year. Now, it has been revealed that players that owned an Xbox One would be able to get access to the beta slightly earlier than console or PC players.

In fact, whilst a start date for the Xbox One beta has not yet been revealed, Ubisoft has now opened up a beta sign-up page for players to access. Any Xbox One, PS4 or PC owner that has pre-ordered The Division can head over to that page and claim a free beta code.

Players can also sign up for a beta code regardless of whether they've pre-ordered The Division or not, but only those that have pre-ordered it will be guaranteed a beta code.

So far Ubisoft has not explained what the beta will consist of but there is no doubt that it will be a slightly limited version of the full game. Players will probably get a glimpse as some of the game mechanics, but a lot of the game will be locked out of the beta.