the division multiplayerWhilst Tom Clancy's The Division has been known as an 'MMO FPS' for some time, new details have emerged that suggest the game will take a similar approach to Destiny when it comes to multiplayer content. In a new Gamespot preview, it was revealed how players would be locked in to their own world, apart from other players in many cases, however there would be certain areas, named Dark Zones, which would allow players to interact with each other.

In the Dark Zones, players could choose to attack or avoid other players in the same area, however once out of a dark zone, you will not come across other players in the same fashion.

It seems as if the multiplayer and social aspects of the Division have been made to a point where players can enjoy the campaign and mission aspects of the game without being interrupted by a bad player.

However, there will be opportunities for players to interact with each other, which opens up an almost living feeling to the open world. It's an approach that we've recently seen in Destiny, and the blending of open multiplayer areas and single-player only locations was surprisingly smooth.

Hopefully The Division will manage the multiplayer and singleplayer aspects of the game appropriately, it would be nice to see a stronger level of interaction between players than there is on Destiny currently, but on the other end of the scale, it's important to understand how too much interaction with other players may make a negative impact on overall player experience.