The Latest PS5 Firmware Update Introduces Graphical Improvements

You are lucky enough if you are holding a PS5 that you got last year. You are aware of the fact that it has outstanding graphics. But, you know what; with the latest PS5 firmware update, Sony rolls out a new update making the graphics look even more incredible. The much-awaited and desired 1440p support and other game boost features are all included in the latest release of the PS5 Beta update. According to Sony Interactive Entertainment, it will improve backward performance, which is compatible with PlayStation 4 games. Because of an increase in horsepower of PlayStation 5, when you will enable it, you will witness exceptionally improved graphics and framerates.

How 1440p Support Will Improve PS5 Graphics?

The firmware beta test opens the doors to 1440p for PlayStation 5 with a full-scale range of other minor new features. The 1440p changes the video output while not altering the rendering resolution of the titles that users play. So, the performance of the resolution will be the same as it is in 4K.

The Update that Enhances the Graphics in Playstation 5

In November 2020, PlayStation 5 was launched, and Sony showcased excellent graphical capabilities in its next-generation console. But, recently, Sony came up with the 'Variable Refresh Rate,' which is now available for an over-air update for PlayStation 5. On the website of PS5, there is a blog post that says that gamers need to take HDMI 2.1 Variable Refresh Rate, which is compatible with PC monitors or TVs, to make full use of the tech. VRR-compatible TVs or PC monitors. With the help of a variable Refresh Rate,

  • The graphics become crispier than they never before
  • The variable refresh rate is now providing gamers with a seamlessly smooth experience.
  • The best thing that everyone appreciates is the input lag reduction

All these graphical improvements are due to the latest firmware update in PS5.

Variable Refresh Rate is a Game-Changer for PS5?

Several games are targeting 60fps as a standard, and many are highly capable of hitting up to 120 fps framerates. Without any doubt, we can say that variable refresh rate is a much-needed addition to the PS5 for a number of significant reasons. A variable refresh rate can enhance game performance that is countering with an unstable framerate or at the edge of the odd dip. But VRR also reduces the input lag to let the gamer feel more responsive gameplay. VRR is highly able to eliminate the screen tearing completely, which usually occurs when the framerate of the game is out of sync. Though variable refresh rates took a little time to come to serve PS5 finally, there has been VRR support in Xbox since 2018. So thousands of people who are using a monitor to play PS5 games might come a day when there will be variable refresh rate support for them too.


This firmware update shows that Sony is highly responsive and is fully aware of what are its customers' needs and they have made graphical improvements with the inclusion of 1440p and VRR support in PS5.