Next Gen Xbox Info

Next gen consoles are coming, there's no doubt about it. When though, is another question. The Wii U has managed to steal the show this year, similarly to the original Wii's release, but what we’re really waiting for is word of the big boys' new consoles. Both Sony and Microsoft have sent out dev kits of their new consoles, although word of what they contain and what each product consists of has been a closely kept secret.

Little to no news has emerged regarding the PlayStation 4 as of now; however, there has been a fair amount of speculation regarding the Xbox 720.

First off, is the name of the console; at first the new console was believed to be named the 720, but it's clear now that this name was simply used as a placeholder by fans whilst waiting for more solid information. The codename Xbox 'Durango' has splashed around the internet as well, but we're uncertain that this will be the Xbox's new name. OXM magazine has given some details on the new Xbox, whether this is just pure speculation or not is currently unclear, but they're pretty confident that the new Xbox will simply be called 'The Xbox.'

Hardware-wise, the Xbox is expected to come with what we see in mid-range PCs today; 8GB RAM, a decent mult-core processor, and a decent graphics processor as well. Xbox is also believed to include a Blu-Ray drive, which is a bit strange considering Blu-Ray is an innovation of Microsoft's biggest console rival, Sony.

Controller-wise, Microsoft aren't ditching Kinect yet, and it's more than possible that motion controls will play a big part of the standard Xbox experience. Some sources say that Xbox 720 will include some sort of 3D augmented reality hardware, but seeing as nothing else on the market comes near to this, even if this did appear with the next Xbox, it's likely to be nothing more than a cheap gimmick.

For a physical controller, it's hard to say what Microsoft will do next. They'll probably improve upon the current controller on the Xbox 360, but in terms of physical button layout, I don't expect much to change.

When will the next Xbox be released? It's hard to say, but more and more sources are pointing to a late 2013 release.