The Next Microsoft Console's Code Name is Revealed to the Gaming Public

So places like Kotaku have heard from a lot of sources (which can be found in this article) that are close to the working on the next Microsoft gaming console. They found out that the code-name for Microsoft's next console is Durango. Sounds like a familiar animated title doesn't it?

Though it should be noted that this is a code-name, not the official name. Just like the code-names for the Dreamcast (Katana), the Gamecube (Dolphin), and the Wii (Revolution), it's not the name that will be printed on the console or the box it will be shipped in. However, it is the name that you will be hearing all the way until the console's final development phase. So that is what we will be referring to it until the showing/release to the gaming public.

Interesting fact: most of Microsoft's naming policies are named after exotically named cities. For example, the Kinect was put under the project name "Natal" which is a city in Brazil. "Durango" is actually the name of one of Mexico's 31 states.