The Oculus Quest is the Real Deal

Facebook’s VR arm Oculus is gearing up to release their new VR headset, and it appears that the Oculus Quest is the real deal… at least according to reviewers.

The Quest will begin shipping in late May and will bring Rift-quality experiences to a self-contained VR headset. That means no wires and no stupid base stations that you have to place around your room. So far, it appears that reviewers are on board with most facets of the device, praising the build quality, resolution, gameplay, and new Touch controllers.

Coming in at $399 for the 64 GB version or $499 for a 128 GB version, the Quest is looking to break into the mainstream market. It's slated to have about 50 games available at launch, including bonafide hits like Beat Saber and VR Chat. Making things better is that there’s reported to be cross-device purchases being ported over. This means if you bought a game for the Rift, you can download it to your Quest for no extra charge (if it is available on that platform).

We’ve got our hands on the Quest for a brief test session and can vouch for its quality. While you’re not going to get top-end ultra settings as you would with a $2,000 PC, the Quest does do a remarkable job of delivering competent PC-style experiences. Watching media is great in the headset as well, and it has better battery life than the Go, making it a better all-around alternative.

If you’re into VR but haven’t purchased a Rift or Vive yet, then the Quest is a great chance. It’s available for preorder now through Oculus or at most major electronics retailers.